All Ohio's come stained, fractal burned, and filled with resin based on your prefences. After you've placed your order, a Metzcor team member will contact you to confirm the finish you'd like on your custom Ohio. 


Three sizes available:

Large Deminsions: 35" wide x 37" high 

Medium Deminsions: 23" wide x 21" high 

Mini Deminsions: 8" wide x 8" high


Our CNC machine can route a personalized name or message on any wood piece for an additional . If you'd like to personalize your piece, please add it in the personalize message section. 


All orders come with a wall hanger attached on the back. 

Wooden Fractal Burned Ohio

  • All art pieces are custom made at Metzcor by the talented hands of adults with developmental disabilities. The artists will do their best to color match your request but no two pieces will be identical.