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Vocational Habilitation

Metzcor assists individuals with disabilities to integrate into the world of employment.  Our woodworking shop teaches participants how to build, paint, and package projects of their choosing to sell online.  All profits go directly to the participant so they can take home a paycheck and feel proud of their hard work!


Participants will learn how to complete jobs with accuracy while working at a pace tailored to their needs. Job training may include but is not limited to design and building projects, packaging items, counting, and organizing parts, and proper disposal of waste materials. Participants will also be provided with training on proper behavior and conduct while in the workplace. Training may include but are not limited to topics such as Universal Precautions and Good Hygiene, Problem Solving Skills, Communicating with Coworkers and Supervisors, and Safety Precautions.

Our vocational program also assists participants with discovering new jobs in the community through collaboration with local businesses. Participants will receive assistance with typing a resume, filling out applications, and preparing for a job interview.  

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