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Adult Day Program

Participants will follow a curriculum to help them gain independent skills, meet new friends, and find what brings them joy throughout the day. Join a club, discover new hobbies, volunteer, and enjoy programming on-site and in the community. Adult Day Care is year-round

Vocational Habilitation

For the many individuals interested in gaining employment skills, our vocational habilitation program is a great place to start! We focus on building confidence, time management, hygiene, and any skills needed to enter the workforce.


Employment Support

Our job coach assists participants in obtaining jobs and provides ongoing support in maintaining employment. We continuously work with partnering employers right here on campus, making the transition to employment a breeze!

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Weekend Respite

Metzcor offers weekend respite from 2:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on select Saturdays throughout the year, typically once a month. Caregivers can easily relax knowing that the same great staff who work with their loved ones during the week will also be with them during respite weekends. The cost of respite is typically covered by the participant's waiver.

Medical Support

Our dedicated and compassionate team includes an on-site RN (registered nurse) who provides medical care, tube feedings, and medication administration to those who need this support.  You can feel confident that trained medical staff are always nearby whenever they are needed.

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