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In order to accommodate riders living further away from Metzcor, we have created several common pickup/drop-off spots to meet these needs while maintaining routes that are as short as possible for our riders.

  • Current Locations:

1 - Harrison (Harrison Ave Kroger)
2 - Hartwell (Vine Street Kroger)
3 - Norwood (Montgomery Rd at 562)
4 - Maderia (Kenwood Mall)
5 - Blue Ash (Hunt Road Kroger)
6 - Montgomery (Bethesda North)
7 - Fairfield (Hamilton Ave at Waycross)

  • We also offer pick up and drop off at your home, depending on your address and other factors.

  • Metzcor utilizes different Ford Transit models to accommodate both our participants who can walk onto the van and those who use wheelchairs. 

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