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A Message From Our Education Team:

Throughout the calendar year, our Adult Day Program and Vocational Habilitation programs adhere to a curriculum specifically designed for exceptional learners! With both experience and data-driven development, I have been able to design lessons and tools to support our participants at any level. With continuous support and training, our direct support staff is able to implement person-specific lessons that will impact your loved ones for years to come! 

This curriculum is adaptive, visual and engaging! It is built based on the following foundational components: 


Social Skills




Personal Care 

Math Skills 

Job Skills 


Food and Nutrition 

Emergency Situations

Daily Living 

Cultural Learning 

Annual Learning 

Our goal is to equip participants to be successful both in their daily life and in the community. We believe that continuous skill-based learning is key to fostering growth as an individual! 


I’m thankful every day for the opportunity to serve this community through educational resources! If you would like to know more about our educational tools here at Metzcor, please reach out to

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